treXis and PointOne Digital partnership

treXis and PointOne Digital partnership

How we are jointly delivering best-in-class services for financial institutions

Atlanta, GA: treXis LLC, today announced a new partnership with PointOne Digital. This partnership will provide exceptional software engineering (treXis) and innovative digital experiences (PointOne) in order to quickly empower banks and financial institutions with cutting-edge digital banking experiences. 

“treXis is fit for purpose: engineering. PointOne is fit for purpose: user experience. Together, our partnership provides our customers with the right solutions for the right purpose,” says Hendrik Tredoux, CEO at treXis LLC. “UX requirements are often convoluted, with the perception it will provide a superior UI, which is incorrect. PointOne supports treXis customers with both UI and UX offerings.”

“Managing day-to-day finances isn’t always the easiest experience for consumers,” says Simon Mathews, CEO at PointOne Digital. “Coupled with the fact many financial organizations are saddled with legacy and inflexible technical platforms, consumers are frequently stuck with hard-to-use online experiences. Through this partnership with treXis, we can deliver digital experiences and solutions that are innovative, easy to use and help consumers make better financial decisions.”

The benefits of this new partnership include:

  • Combining exceptional software engineers with exceptional innovative designers to see financial institutions through their digital transformation.
  • Allowing each organization to shine in what they do best; to come together to deliver highly functional and remarkable digital experiences.
  • Scaling customer satisfaction in all areas of digital transformation.

About treXis LLC: A software engineering culture, built by engineers, for engineers who dream big together! We enable financial institutions, developers, and technology to dream big, build complex solutions – on time and within budget – as a team.

About PointOne Digital: At PointOne Digital, we build digital experiences that drive better outcomes for our client’s customers. With strategy as our cornerstone, we ideate and innovate to create new and improved digital products, services and platforms that bring easy to complex business ecosystems and functional product experience.

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