Skills Program

Each rockstar engineer deserves the opportunity and time to grow and learn while collaborating with peers. Imagine being a rockstar engineer with only one skill set. Sure, in the short term, this might benefit the engineer but engineers love to be challenged. They enjoy being part of something awesome!

At treXis, we firmly believe that any company succeeds when you make engineers your main priority. We have adopted a people-first culture where career development is a must. We strive to ensure a positive engineering workforce; people who are engaged, armed with the latest technologies, confident in their decision-making, and who own their space.

This is why we meticulously focus on the career path of each engineer. Our rockstar engineers need heroes too!

Who can help you craft your skills?

Passionate engineers deserve support in crafting and improving their skill sets. At treXis, we realized that in order to support rockstar engineers, we have to make sure we have a dedicated team, able to oversee and manage important deliverables on career growth and best practices. Why? This will ensure engineers have clarity on career goals and make this a reality. Our Development Managers are full-time members of our teams and help our rockstar engineers reach their full potential.

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Okay, but what tools is treXis planning on utilizing?

Employee skills matrix

A skills matrix, or competency matrix, is a tool to map required and desired skills for a team or role. It is a grid that visualizes the available skills and competencies within a team.


treXis prefers Slack as a workspace communication tool. Slack assists communication in channels where treXis can provide help to engineers with assigned roles. It really is a go-to tool to open, faster communication and feedback, doing away with the need for meetings about meetings.

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Rockstar engineers

Yes, that is you!

Development Manager – treXis

In order to encourage a people-first culture, treXis supports and relies on winning team members. Passionate and willing engineers are on hand, eager to help people move forward. Often a quick informal discussion will be conducted using Slack’s huddle feature. When engineers are in meetings or unable to huddle, Slack has proven a key to successful communication between team members.

How does skills development work anyways?

   "This is as easy as watching your favorite streaming service"


  • Engineers identify skills they would like to grow or improve on.
  • These are skill sets required in-their role and any supporting skill set that can propel them to success.


  • Engineers discuss their skills growth needs with the Development Manager once a month. The Development Manager tracks skills using the employee skills matrix, including the skills growth history.
  • treXis does not judge any engineer on their skill set level. Rather it promotes positive growth with guidance and improvement plans. treXis is committed to always improving curricula or content that can help engineers.


  • The Development Manager crafts and communicates the skills growth plan between different members.
  • The Technical Delivery Manager’s primary responsibilities are to understand and manage customer expectations, and direct the team to deliver on those expectations using rockstar engineers.
  • The Development Manager liaises with Technical Delivery Managers to execute the training programs in a given time frame. In this way, any engineer can have the dedicated time and support to craft their career.
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