Senior Engineer, Backend Java

As a Senior Engineer, Backend, it’s up to you to take our customers’ engagements to the next level, adapt to new technology and push the envelope when implementing modern frameworks and architectures. It’s your responsibility to make sure that envisioned solutions become reality. Integrating complex platforms with customers’ systems, while focusing on the back-end part of the implementation is your main focus. Enterprise Integration patterns are a large part of your project work and you don’t shy away from learning new technologies and best-practices because you always push the envelope to the next level. You create clean, maintainable and reusable code and run tests which will help us build a standard delivery practice. The pressure is always on, the clock is constantly ticking and customer expectations are sky high. You encounter situations that demand prompt, yet smart actions. You coach a team of developers on the client and partner side and provide training to those who work with our solutions. You are a part of the project team and thrive working with colleagues from multiple cultures.


  • You will implement and maintain Java components and frameworks like Spring throughout the software development life cycle
  • You understand Application Security and mentor team members on best practices
  • You know the ins- and outs- of effective CI and CD (e.g builds, pipelines, branching strategy) processes in a modular, decomposed architecture;
  • Having hands-on experience with build systems like Circle CI and Jenkins
  • You have experience in working with Docker & Kubernetes and understand how to run complex engagements with hardly any support from more senior team members
  • Able to consult in your respective discipline in a client facing role supporting and advising clients with implementing their online applications
  • Ability to work with development teams onsite and remote from a technical and interpersonal perspective


  • Minimum of 6 years in IT
  • Minimum of 5 years backend experience in customer facing/consulting role
  • Preferably 7 years of extensive experience in solving problems of varying complexities
  • Bachelor Degree in Computer Science preferred or any equivalent degree
  • English language, written and spoken

Nice to Haves

Functional/technical skills

  • HTTP APIs:
    • Involved when services are created for new functionality
    • Helps define the specifications. Follows API-first approach
  • Maven:
    • Knows how to select the available maven plugin and choose them among a multitude of options to fit their project needs
    • Knows how to educate people and explain the dependencies architecture
  • Security considerations (TBR):
    • Solves the issues found with the tools we have i.e. (veracode/blackduck)
    • Uses Spring Security to achieve security considerations
    • Is aware of the OWASP top 10 and are applying the use cases presented there
  • Version Control Systems:
    • Knows exactly how to create branching strategies and set it up for projects
    • Knows how to integrate the VSC with other dev tools (jira, jenkins)
    • New hires are up to speed way quicker because they are using their setup
  • Code refactoring:
    • Has a clear understanding and a complete view of the overall architecture, therefore knows which parts need some extra attention and review
    • Knows when to plan for refactor sessions and understand the overall technical debt of the project
    • Mentors people in what to look for and how to use our tools for static code analyses and how to check code quality
  • SDLC: Is aware of the different phases that conduct a Software Development Live Cycle
  • Business requirements: Gives input on the business requirements that can easily assess the effort of implementing them
  • Non functional requirements: 
    • Helps setup the NFR’s for a project or product features based on business requirements
    • Reminds the team during refinement sessions about the NFR’s and make sure they are taken into consideration when estimations are being made
  • Estimations: Able to challenge the user story/requirements to provide accurate and reliable estimations of requirements
  • Software testing: 
    • When new projects start, can easily setup the testing environments and make sure everybody can contribute to the tests
    • Is familiar with all different ways of testing and makes sure that software we create and make publicly available is tested to the bone.
    • Advocates testing
  • Documentation: Actively improves our documentation and knows how to write something that is easy to use
  • Web Application Servers: Knows differences pros/cons of various application servers
  • Technical Skills:
    • Knows how to follow up the question with the right action
    • Writes easier code
    • Knows what questions to ask and how to follow up on those questions is essential
    • Able to experiment and test solutions for problems, validate assumptions for them, and the ability to associate one idea to another to reach a solution
    • Has the trait to consistently improve the quality and structure of the previously written code
    • Mentors the engineers and mid-level engineers of the team, and can designate tasks to team members in a balanced and effective manner
    • Comprehends the full scope of a project and make the best suggestions and methods to develop, test, implement, and maintain a project
    • Coaches engineers and can manage a team doing simple to complicated tasks
    • Performs regular reviews on codes done by less experienced engineers and offer feedback and suggestions for those codes
    • Independently solves various problems and rectify complicated problems through the application of design patterns
    • Creates and writes complicated tests
    • Docker expert
    • Java, Microservice, Spring, Spring Security, Cloud, DB, JPA
  • Industry skills
    • Previous implementation experience in a senior consulting role
    • Previous Financial Services, Banking, Fintech experience
    • Sufficient understanding of the BackEnd technologies to accurately consult clients.
    • Ability to build substantial knowledge about core offerings in a timely manner

About treXis

treXis LLC is a boutique Software Engineering firm, founded in 2016 to support Fintech implementation projects around the globe. treXis offers a strong Engineering culture with 100% remote work when not traveling to client site, about 40% of the time or less. As a company built by Engineers for Engineers, treXis offers a technical work environment to challenge your skill set, grow your ability to consult and allow you to innovate. With a balance of client facing software projects and an innovation lab, Engineers have the opportunity to truly put their craft to work solving problems and building solutions. At treXis we believe in a work life balance, we will supply the work, you must get a life to be successful here.