Finite provides The Final Integration for Financial Services

We help Financial Institutions accelerate their digital transformation by connecting the technology you need! Prebuilt & maintained connectivity to Core systems, Digital Banking Platforms, and third-party FinTechs streamline integrations – helping to accelerate digital deployments.

Problems We Solve

Legacy digital infrastructure has siloed and repeated integrations to multiple systems, creating inefficiencies – especially related to data access & management. Complicated and isolated hosting environments create redundancies and complexities, increasing the total cost of ownership.


There are two primary components to Finite’s solution offering. The Finite API centralizes data access and management. Connectors provide pre-built connectivity to Core providers and fintech solutions. Combined, digital outcomes are accelerated!

Finite API

The Finite API accelerates digital projects by unifying the Data Connectivity, Resilience and Caching capabilities to provide real-time access to many data sources! Empower innovation with data-driven decisions.


Finite maintains a library of pre-built integrations to multiple Core Providers and data sources, expediting integration efforts. Data enrichment provides optimized accessibility to important user-based information. Connected via the Finite API – Cloud-ready, dockerized, open API standard endpoints.

What’s In The Box…

Data Connectivity

  • Direct integration with multiple data sources
  • Normalized and organized access points
  • Data enrichment to optimize data cleanliness


  • Performance optimization across all integrated data sources
  • Increases uptime by persisting data, caching
  • Fully configurable


  • Marketplace of pre-integrated fintech solutions
  • Make data driven decisions with enhanced data accessibility
  • Partner to launch value add products that can plug into the Finite ecosystem

Partnering with Finite API was a strategic decision for Vantage Bank to ensure that we have robust Core connectivity throughout our digital transformation journey. The value I see in Finite extends beyond Core connectivity; Finite is a critical enabling technology that allows us to innovate at our own pace, to better leverage our data and to deliver an exceptional customer experience.