Accelerate your implementations

Why start from scratch if we can accelerate your implementation with pre-built solutions? treXis accelerators are proven, and we have customers with live applications. Our co-development program enables treXis customers and partners to share connectors, which saves time. Let treXis help speed up your implementation process!

Payveris Java Client

The treXis Payveris Java Client allows developers to easy interface with the Payveris API The client expose the Payveris SOAP API as a java Rest Client, generated using the JAXB libraries.

Backbase Enrollment

The Backbase Enrollment accelerator creates an existing Bank User in Backbase.

Finite API Java Client

The Finite API Java client provides a easy to use Java API client, for communication to a hosted Finite instance.

Harland Clarke

The Harland Clarke accelerator is a SSO solution that allow customers to Order Checks.

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