Backbase Enrollment

The Backbase Enrollment accelerator creates an existing Bank User in Backbase. Additionally it also support the enrollment of user into MX and Payveris.

In order to support an enrollment flow where a Bank Users are securely verified, the Backbase Enrollment accelerator can search an entity from the core via user and verification information.

Once the user is verified and the appropriate username with password is chosen, the Backbase Enrollment inserts the user in Backbase DBS and Backbase Identity with the appropriate Role Group and User Password.

The repository to access this accelerator can be found here:

This repository has a dependency on the following other repositories:

Note: Only treXis customers and partners has access to treXis co-development accelerators. Contact if you are having issues connecting to the bitbucket repository with your approved credentials. All treXis accelerators are distributed using a Common Development and Distribution license.

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